Friday, May 12, 2006

EU and America's. Closer Ties.

I sort of predicted in the Surprise letter from Iran post that U.S. ties with the EU would slowly writher away. A stepping stone to proving my point came today, when the EU vowed stronger relations with the America's -Bolivia, Venezuela and Hugo Chavez were main players in the role, as Brussels was the main factor in establishing EU/South American ties. This is probably raising an eyebrow with American politicians who support the war in Iraq, and favor the EU as their closest ally. Of course, we all know of President Bush's disdain for Venezuela's president, Hugo Chavez. This is why I must stick to my guns with the statement I made in the aforementioned post. Again, energy/oil plays the main factor involving surprise political agendas and new team-ups. We all know of the energy crisis facing the world today. We also know that the EU is facing a gas shortage (even moreso than the rest of the world) and establishing ties with Venezuela and other Latin countries is a stepping stone for cheaper prices at the pump- and a better long-run outlook for the citizens of The European Union. Below is a link.


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