Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Night of the Living Ripoff

Once in a while one finds a rare treat that's always been there, but evidently covered by the mud and muck of other bigger named movies that's traveled further ahead.
Revenge of the Living Zombies isn't a masterpiece by any means. One could even call it a rip-off of George A Romero's 1968 masterpiece, Night of the Living Dead - or - One could simply call it an homage. I guess it depends whether one likes the movie or not.
Besides having one of the most recognizable faces from Night of the Living Dead, (making his return in what seems to be the same make-up and attire) reprising his role as a pale faced ghoul, Bill Hinzman, also known as the Cemetary Zombie, directs, writes, and stars in this little NOTLD ripoff/homage.
Instead of some unknown force causing the dead to return to life and attack the living, we actually get a clue as to how this supposed zombie outbreak comes about. It deals with a semi-satanic theme, which beholds our favorite zombie, Bill Hinzman, buried beneath a stump, with a tombstone with some satanic gibbersih written on it. There just so happens to be a stump that a local farmer needs to remove. The grave is directly underneath the stump, which brings the farmer to dust off the stone and eventually uncover the grave. Satanic Zombie Man doesn't look all that bad. He's still able enough to jump up, grab the man, and resume munching on his bodyparts. Of course, this starts the zombie outbreak that leads to our little zombiethon.
It just so happens that a group of the ugliest college coeds I've ever seen are taking a hayride through the woods. You can pretty much guess what happens from this point on. At times, I didn't know if I was watching an unofficial remake of Night of the Living Dead, or if Hinzman got the big head and thought he could outdo Romero with virtually the same style. It's hard to really know what was going through his mind.
The acting is bad at times. The actors and actresses have the worst accent I've ever heard. It's a mix between Virginian and Southern Pennsylvanian, crossed with a little bit of Kentuckiana. I'll have to say that there are some genuinely good scenes in the movie. One being when a little girl (Hinzman's real life daughter) is dressed up as an angel for Halloween. The doorbell rings...guess who? It's Satanic Zombie Man. He quickly picks little girl up and pretty much devours her. (offscreen, of course)
There's more tits and ass in this little venture than Fulci's Zombie. I still say that the only reason Hinzman decided to make this film was to have an excuse to grope as many naked homely Pennsylvanian women as he could possibly get away with, without a lawsuit.
The ending. What can I say. Imagine Night of the Living Dead, except with two surviving characters. We have the local redneck posse, fronted by nonother than Vince Stryvinski. (The guy who shot Ben in the original NOTLD). We even have an old farmhouse where the coeds hole up in search of shelter from the zombies.
The score is spot on. A piano-esque score, adding a hint of depression and darkness to the atmosphere - Transforming it a notch above pure cheese, to something a 'little creepy'. There's also a few good gore shots. One being Satanic Zombie Man ramming his hand in a womans bare stomach and pulling out her liver. Not bad. Not bad.
What can I say in finality in reguards to Revenge of the Living Zombies? For the zombie fan, you simply can't miss. I know of loads of die hard zombie fans who have longed to see this, but can't find a copy. It was also released as Zombie Nosh and Flesheater. All in all, not a bad time waster, especially for the zombie film fan.


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