Friday, May 26, 2006

The Prowler

I just picked this dvd up at Sam Goody this evening on a monthly shopping binge. I had seen it before, but I'm trying to up my dvd collection, so I thought I'd pick it up - even at the slightly high price of sixteen bucks.
Anyway, Joseph Zito (Director/Friday the 13th 4) does something different. Instead of your summer camp slayings, we get a My Bloody Valentine-esque venture, reguarding a party being held thirty some odd years after a double murder in 1945.
As I mentioned, a great double impalement by pitchfork, (by the hands of nonother than Tom Savini) follows a Dear John letter from a woman named Rosemary to her boyfriend who was across seas in WWII. It seems as if she just can't wait for him any longer, but still worries about him. I guess boyfriend has a hard time facing rejection.
We go down the road about thirty years where a small town is planning a dance. I 'm not sure what the dance was for (as I was distracted by my wife in a bathing suit at some points during the film), but it kind of reminded me of its distant cousin My Bloody Valentine.
To make a long story short, it seems as if the killer is either back, or someone just likes going around slicing and dicing the locals out of boredom.
We get some great special F/x from the maestro Tom Savini. The dvd has a few cool extras - a cool commentary and some behind the scenes footage filmed by Savini himself.
This is probably one of the most brutal slasher attempts I've seen in a long time. I imagine that this is the uncut version, as the camera lingers for long periods of time as the killers sharp instruments gourges and probes ita victims. Some scenes are quiet disturbing. If you like My Bloody Valentine, you any slasher film fan should find themselves enjoying the hell out of this one. Good acting. Great score. Even Great special f/x. Great kill and chase scenes. One good slasher flick I must say.


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