Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wake Up Calls

When is too far, too far? Just when does a company cross the line with immoralic behavior and sheer brutality ?- Rape/Revenge (I Spit On Your Grave) - Power Trips (Last House on the Left/Devil's Rejects) - Gut Munching (Dawn/Day of the Dead) - Cannabilistic depravity (TCM)

So many people think horror films represent the bottom of the barrel. The people who watch horror films are associated with low IQ's and bad taste, when in all actuality, most horror fans I've met are extremely smart, hold down good paying jobs, and consider horror films nothing more than watching a play on celluloid. Put an incestuous, murderous, depraved family on camera, and its considered a 'nasty', put it on the stage and it's considered Hamlet. I think most of the nay statements that come forth in reguards of the slasher/horror film come from a hippocritical mass - People who are afraid to face the facts that horror movies tell it like it is. Death isn't pretty, or death isn't funny (unless the writer/director wants it to be) - For example, look at Lucio Fulci's Italian sleazefest, The New York Ripper - Totally depraved. Totally raunchy. Totally lacking remorse. Dishing out brutality, bondage, pornography, and drug use, wrapped up in a dirty cop suit and perverted doctors and prostitutes. This film pretty much filters every taboo known to man through our television sets. It deals with a rampid, but true theme. New York, in my opinion, was portrayed perfectly. Look at the murder rate, the rape rate, and the prostitution and drug use statistics. People who shy away from films like these and call them mysgyonic are right, to a certain extent, but it represents the sad and macabre truth that some people in the world get their kicks in some of the most devious ways.
Last House on the Left is a film that will certainly leave a lasting impression on you. Here's another film that has been shunned by the masses, except for the elect few who consider this a cult classic. We really don't enjoy what we're seeing - Two girls getting tortured and raped by a bunch of escaped convicts - Forced to urinate on themselves and to make out with eachother at gun and knife point - The sensless stabbing and shooting death of two seemingly innocent young girls who just wanted a joint. Again, we have a sad but true cinematic affair going on. It's not fancy, what we see - It's rude and it's crude, but it's true. Things like this happen every single day in the world, some to an even greater degree. Wes Craven meant to shock us and that's pretty much what he did. Sometimes we need a wake up call, and there's nothing that can grab your attention more than an all out, symbolic Agression film. Sometimes we need to realize that all the philanthropist bullshit saying how the world is such a great place is bullshit. Don't be fooled. We're going to hell in a handbasket, fast.


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