Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wouldn't You Know It

Every once in while, I like to sift through all the blood and guts and try and grasp hope through all the swishy stuff. But sadly, I find very little hope. Being 'political' is something I don't claim to be. In fact, hardly anyone knows of my love for politics, or better yet, what makes it all work. I don't guess it's as much me being in love with politics in general, but the mystique behind the people who make up our worldy political arena.
I got to thinking, since my url is called Antichrist Follies, why not post something in reguards to 'the' antichrist, if a bit loosely.
I'm sure that if you're reading this, you've either seen The Omen, or have at least heard of it. Of course, it's about a little boy named Damien, who incidently has the numbers 666 (the Biblical mark of the beast) imbedded into his scalp. Needless to say, the evil looking English-boy had quiet a few powers that silently enabled him to do away with certain people. As the sequels went on, it depicted Damien growing up, later going to military school where he learns his role and accepts it. It's all just a movie, sure, but ever who wrote the film (maybe a book first, I'm not sure) had some Biblical background floating around.
Stepping aside from the film, let's talk of the potential for a real antichrist. We can imagine what 'the antichrist' will look like. Some of us think of Adolf Hitler when we hear the word antichrist. Other's ironically think of a man of peace, embracing the whole world. Symbolically, this much could be true, but identifying the antichrist isn't something that can be done until it's too late.
I've heard many idiots stating that George Bush is the antichrist. These people have obviously never even heard of Revelations - (There's no way I can quote the Bible word for word, so I'm not even going to try) It states something to the effect that this antichrist will come as a man of peace, and that the whole world will wonder after him. This pretty much rules George W out. Over half the world despises GWB, most of them right in his own country.
This man is also going to have great charisma. In the book of Isaiah, it refers to the antichrist as being stouter (stronger) than the normal man. This also knock Bush out of the water, along with half the people everyone consider to be the antichrist. Now, what we have is a very well built, big-muscular man, with great charisma - Probably a very handsome man. Remember folks, the antichrist is the devil in the flesh. He's not going to pick a body of an old ugly, decrepid man. Many think the antichrist is the pope, and that the Catholic Church is 'the beast' - To a certain extent, this is true, because religion is going to play a major part in the transformation to a one world government that's right around the corner. Afterall, Catholosism does mean Unity. If anything, the Pope 'could' be the False witness referred to in Revelations.
Now, before I go any further, and I delve into some potential prospects for the antichrist, let me shed some light on the goal of the antichrist and what he hopes to accomplish. First of all, the antichrist wants complete control over the world and its assetts. He wants complete control over all monetary transactions. He wants a one world currceny (probably with his face on it) in which all the world money will flow through one big world bank. He wants control over what you eat, the drugs/medicines you put into your body - So, where does the mark of the beast come into play? It's already here. I'ts a tracking device imbedded under the skin of cattle to monitor them. It's only a matter of years before this starts happeing to humans. Well, they just want to do this to keep track of terrorists! That's conspiracy bullshit! First, yeah, it will probably be brought about after some major catastrophe in the name of the aforementioned event. It's going to seem harmless, and after the world is shocked and dazed, just like cattle (how ironic), we'll accept it willingly and out of panic. Sounds bad, but could be worse, right? Well, yeah, but it gets worse. Worse. Much worse. Probably a Global economic collapse which will kill millions by famine.
The man behind the upheavel in the first place will be the man who steps up and suddenly has the answers to everything. He's going to have the ability to simultaneously speak more than one language. He's going to have such a presence, that the Bible says that "He'll fool even the very elect" - Which means die hard Christian believers will be duped by his lying powers and the forces that guide him. The chip will be implanted under man, woman and child alike. The chip will be placed in the right hand, or forehead and is pretty much like being scanned at the grocery scanner you see at Wal-Mart. Instead of getting a paycheck when you work, all your money will be placed in the form of digits, just like a credit card under the skin. The only way to not die is to accept this chip/mark, because there's no paper money anymore. There's no possible way to legally buy anything unless you use the devils currecny, which is ultimately the chip under your skin.
To shorten this post a bit, I'll rev about who some potential prospects for the antichrist could be in my next post.


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