Friday, June 23, 2006

Catty Lou

My wifes Grandfather passed away Tuesday. She was quiet close to him, but she seems to be taking it well. She's now at her Mom and Dads, ready to go to the wake which starts at 2 for the family and 4 for all other visitors. (I'm going with her to the funeral tomorrow - I felt it best to let her spend time alone and grieve with her family, alone)

We've watched a few comedies to try and lighten the mood around the homsestead, and I've been putting on my crazy hat to try and bring out that gorgous smile she has. I succeeded a few times, but made an ass out of myself on occasion.

One of the movies we decided to watch was The Cable Guy with Jim Carey. This movie gets alot of mixed reviews, but I think its a work of black comedic genius. Ben Stiller is truly a good director, but Carey and Broderick just play so well off each other. There's nods to numerous films throughout the whole film, but are made very subtle by the seemingly normal cycle of happenstance that seems to occur every few minutes or so.
Carey played to a tee a deranged cable guy with a lisp. It must have been hard to keep the same persona, and, especially the lisp throughout the entire film. To me, that takes talent, although, there's some people who think Carey is a talentless hack.
Nevertheless, TCG has now officially entered my top 40 list, alonside another Carey film, Dumb and Dumber.
Sometimes, I just need to steer clear from horror-land for a few days, to give my mind time to conceive the fact that there's other forms of cinematic entertainment besides someone getting their face cut off with fishing line. I've been trying to broaden my specs and my wife has been the main ring leader. I've watched alot of films lately that I would have never bought, but I'm glad 'Cat' has a sense of cinematic taste that even remotely fits mine. My last girlfriend (before marrying 'Cat') had no sense of cinematic charisma. She didn't know a good movie if it hit her square in her face, but Cat, she has some great choices for viewings.
Take for instance the 1994 film Legends of the Fall, with Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins - I NEVER would have bought a movie like that a year ago, but now, I'd even pick up Titanic if I found it at a convienent place and especially a convienent price.
Anyway, Thanks Babe. Now, I can enjoy a whole new world of cinematic ventures. Maybe, after going through all the drama and action sections, she'll introduce me to the porno genre. Just kidding, hun.


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