Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rob Zombie and Halloween 9

It's probably old news to everyone by now, but Rob Zombie was officially greenlighted to write and direct the next Halloween installment. I've got alot of mixed answers when asking people how they feel. Alot of people have never really forgiven Zombie for his first lucid nightmare House of a Thousand Corpses. I, for one, enjoyed the film quiet a bit, albeit all the cinematic and color mistakes throughout.
What I do know is that Zombie learned from his mistakes, as stateted by himself, and gave us a riveting, disturbing tale of disturbing family ties with The Devil's Rejects - A beautifully shot film, with great acting, without all those fast cut to's and cut aways, lacking that annoying psychadelic nusance from House of a Thousand Corpses.
What doI think? Well, I just gotta say that I've got GREAT faith in Zombie. The guys knows what it is fans want. He knew what they wanted in the first place, but being a novice behind the camera, it just didn't transmit all that well with House. Zombie uberly redeemed himself with Rejects and I totally believe that he'll give us a wonderful layout when it comes to Halloween 9.
I think alot of people will be eating their words - and - don't be surprised if we don't see Jamie Lee somewhere in the midst.I'm looking for Zombie to get an even greater budget than his 6 million for Rejects (which by Hollywood standards is pennies)- We'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, you can keep keep tabs by visiting the official Halloween Films site.


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