Friday, April 21, 2006

Funniest interview ever.

I fooled around at Sam Goody's the other day and picked up two of the worst films ever made. I purchased one simply because it was a Doris Wishman film, and the other one I purchased because it was on the U.K's 'Video Nasties' list back in the day.. Just in case you're wondering, the titles are 'A Night To Dismember' - Doris Wishmans chopped to bits, semi-slasher mess, well, there's not much to say ecept for the fact that it had a hilarious commentary from Wishman and her regular cinematographer. 'Unhinged' is something of an enigma. We have three girls on their way to a jazz concert when they have an accident. They later wake up in a mansion where some eccentric family resides. - Mama in a wheelchair spouting out mean verbals to her fourty-year old virgin daughter, accusing of her being a whore. Sounds interesting, but let me assure you, it isn't. The first kill scene was indeed one of the best kill scenes from any slasher - The victim running upon her cloaked murderer in a damp dank forest, holding the largest schytche I've ever seen, making a run for help upon climbing a leafy knoll. She grabs the blade as it slices into her hand, making way for a tounge biting scene. That one scene is very Itallian in its delivery. It was obvious that director Don Gronquist was a follower of early giallo films from the likes of Dario Argento and Mario Bava. What I want to piss on tonight is one of the special features on the 'Unhinged' dvd. It's stock footage from an interview of Gronquist and the female lead in the film. Anyway, Gronquist can't say shit with a mouthfull. When he's asked a question, he freezes up like a deer in headlights and makes weird faces like he's on the verge of letting a brown tidal wave flood his tighty whities.
I decided to watch the interview while my wife was asleep one night and eventually woke her up from hysterically laughing out loud. For the whole evening, I thought I have wasted $7.50 on the dvd, but realized that the dvd was worth its weight in gold when I witnessed "THE' interview.
His female counterpart was calm and collected, finished her sentences smoothly and ultimately in a coherant form. Grounquist obviously had a lot to say and didn't have much time to say it, the interview being about ten minutes. I think what he tried to do was compile everything he had in mind to say into one big glop of fat, leaving himself in a tight spot when his slow little mind overloaded with all those rampid thoughts. You can see his face turn twelve shades or red at times, but our cool hostess saves the day and pretty much finished Gronquists sentences. I was seriously waiting on Gronquist to explode. His experience is akin to someone smoking a hefty J and being pushed out on stage with lights and a camera in their face, someone culling the fact that they were going to be on national television at the last minute.
To sum it up, please, I beg of you, if you don't want to buy the dvd (because it does suck except for the gory surprise ending and the first murder), bid on a dollar copy on eBay or something. Real life 'what the fuck do I do now' moments. F...u...nn.y. Oh yeah, it's got one hell of an axe murder in it as well.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Video Dead

**THE VIDEO DEAD** is a movie I hold closely to my old black heart. I managed to catch this cheesiest-of-them-all zombie epic early one Saturday morning on the USA Network (when it was still watchable - in the late 80's) around 10A.M. Anyway, it's become one of my favorites.
A television set arrives at a house where two high school aged kids (brother and sister) are home alone. The delivery man lets them sign for it and they bring it insde. It's not long before little brother realizes that the only thing the television plays is a zombie film called, 'Zombie: Bloody Nightmare' Anyway, zombies start coming out of the television set and wreaking havoc. The budget and gore is low, but the cheese is high. You gotta love a film that introduces a cheee ball cowboy type figure half way through the movie with all the answers, and especially the kicker - zombies who don't think they're dead and have to convince themselves by looking into the mirror that they're maggot ridden carcasses who had bit the dust eons ago. Kind of sounds like, well, America, eh?

Gluttony by force

I'm sure most of you have seen the Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman thriller 'SE7EN'. Of course, it's about the seven deadly sins and how one lone man wants to rid the world of evil biddeers. It follows the outline of murders construed to fit the persons supposed deadly sin. For instance, there's a scene that involves the death of a young woman. She has her face maimed by our avenging 'angel'. Afterwards, he places a bottle of pills in one hand and the telephone in the other. In case you didn't know, her bout with a deadly sin came in the form of vanity.. Surely, with the telephone right in her hand, she being able to dial a number, then she would call for help. Well, no. She decides that she can't live in the world without her good looks and decides to overdose on the pills. So, indeed, this was a case in point. To be honest, the woman didn't deserved to be maimed, but I'm incapable of showing remorse towards anyome who would rather be dead than gorgous.
This scene alone speaks volumes. The world today (especially Americans) are fixated with outward apperances. I'll admit, sometimes I'm even guilty of this, but wanting to have matching clothes and clean socks is a far cry from actually cutting ones wrists because they aren't as pretty as the sexy girl down the block.
Movie stars are glamourous, sure, but at what cost? Half the actresses you see on television are fifty percent plastic, the other half silicone. This trend of 'mutating' the body has pitifully cascaded down to the younger generation, with girls as young as fifteen having breast implants, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and God knows what else. To me, this is very disturbing. We have a generation of young females who aren't going to be individuals, but clones of the beautiful sick-skinny movie stars they see on television. Besides all this, what in the blazing hell are the parents thinking? Parents who would allow a fifteen yr old girl a boob job for her birthday should be taken into the nearest whipping post and bludgeoned to death with silicone filled dildo. This proves my point. You even have parents willing to put their childrens health at great risk to satisfy not only their daughters need for outide improvement, but the Mothers as well. This reflects on the materialist need to be pretty on both ends. Mother's want pretty daughters and a select few would be willing to risk lives to do so.
The media is a roaring beast. It can make you, or it can break you, but ultimately, it can dictate you, your thoughts, your opinions, and tell you what the world says you should be. When I refer to the media, I'm not just referring to CNN Headline News, I'm refering to other main outlets suchs as television in general, which can easily be manipulated by the powers that be for the sake of consumerisim and secret agendas.
Again, this subject leads right back to the halls of high school - back to the institution that shapes and molds societies. You have your football players, reminiscent of a 'high school' movie star - the popular and good looking ones - the ones who make straight F's on their report card and is still yet elidgable to play football..(ala being caught for a load of cocaine and getting off scott free just because your the famous Robert Downey Jr. - one in the same) You have your cheerleaders representing the high school equivilency of a hot bodied movie star actress, with guys flocking toward them, hanging out in their own little clicks, the 'less fortunate' girls wishing they were in their shoes even though they despise the very gym floor they walk on.
It's no wonder that so many young boys and girls committ suicide. Everyone can't afford Abercrombie or Tommy Hilfiger clothes, or the most expensive Nike sneakers - and let's face it, everyone isn't born looking like Been Affleck - - Not everyone is coordinated enough or has the interest to play sports. So many kids are pushed into playing sports (mostly by their parents simply because they too want the recognition of having their kid on the county footbsll team,) where they are expected to do their best, reguardless of he/she even wanting to participate. This is the same scenerio and actually goes hand in hand with high school students and the way the media affects us. You have a generation of kids having things imposed upon them, innocent individuals unknowingly forced into bondage by a hoard of corrupt minded wolves.
I feel much like Kevin Spacey's character from 'SE7EV' - Not to the degree of serial killing, geez, what kind of person do you think I am? But, his view of the world was utterly correct. He saw a world full of greed, hate, debauchery, hedonism, vanity, gluttony (alll things one needs to satisfy the needs of the flesh), and took matters into his own hands. By all means, I don't condone hurting anyone. I myself wouldn't hurt a fly, but we, as a republic, need to start taking matters into our own hands and stop allowing mediated venues to dictate our every thought.

We're living in the Days of the Dead

George Romero's 1985 zombie epic 'Day of the Dead' wasn't a far cry from the signs of the times, then and now. The threat of nuclear weapons have changed the way the world handles things.
Today, we are a society of made-made-zombies. we're zombies of propaganda, silver tounged devils claiming military options left and right.
In 'Day of the Dead', there was battle between a team of civillian scientist and a group of foul mouthed 'soldiers', all the while, being cooped up together in an underground bunker while living dead roamed the world outside. The situation in this film is much like the situation today. At the rate we're going, the world is going to end up much like the scenerio in 'Day of the Dead' - A wasteland of dead bodies and lifeless individuals left to roam in the ruins of rubble and much from a nuclear blast.
The military today, much like in 1985, bares down hard on it's enemies and restrains them as much as possible. Much like the army guys in 'Day of the Dead' tried to leash the zombies and control them, the same can be said today as we try to restrain the Islamic extremist movement from further destroying the world. In all essence, I agreed with the military personell in 'Day of the Dead'. Gasp!@!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

It started with Romero and ended with the 'Twins'

I had seen alot of tv 'horror' pictures when I was a kid, but most of my viewing pleasure came in the form of a big box vhs and a top loading Panasonic. Around '85/'86, my parents oddly started renting these vile explicit horror films such as 'Last House On The Left' and 'Driller Killer'. I had saw my fair share of horror films by the time I was ten. I guess my first true horror experience came around '86. My Dad had incidently rented 'The Evil Dead' and 'Romero's 'Dawn of the Dead'one Friday night. I always contributed 'Dawn' as being my first true horror experience, when in actuality, it's the first film I ever considered a favorite.
Anyway, we sat down to watch the movie and I was scared shitless. I had never seen anything like it before. I didn't even fathom the idea that films like that actually existed, and there was probably loads of others. I had alot of fun and terror all in the same basket. It was a very, well, let's just call it an experience.
The second time that a film really struck home was after finally getting to watch 'Dawn of the Dead'. For some reason or another, I didn't get the chance to watch 'Dawn' the first time around, and just so happened to rent it right around the time my Mother went into labor with my baby sister.
My cousin was designated to babysit me. That cold January evening, snow flying heavily, cold as hell, we decided to sit down to the wonderful delights of George A Romero's 'Dawn of the Dead'. Amazed is really an understement. Let's say that I was captivated. Yeah, that's a better term. I know this may sound like a stretch, but I was never the same person after watching 'Dawn of the Dead'. At the tender age of eight, here I was, already a changed man.
The experience with 'Dawn' have lead me to entwine that viewing experience with things that happen in our world today. There's always some cinematic comparison out there for every real life scenerio, some prophetic statements in the form of celluloid and some flashing 'hidden' occult symbols inside their films to signal that certan agenda's are a 'go ahead'. Much like my first true mezmerizing experience with 'Dawn', the events of Sept 11, 2001, again made me a changed man. Just like after my first horror experience, I wanted to get all the information and horror films I could, and get down to the bottom of the barrel and see what was going on in the horror world that I didn't know about. Things rings true in reguards to 9/11 as well. Ever since witnessing that 'horror' film played out in real time I've wanted to learn as much about the events that just occured as possible. During my long hours of studying, reading and writing, I've learned probably more than I should know, and oviously more than I wanted to know., I've never quiet been the same. Just like 'Dawn' struck home with me due to some of the same sourroundings, something that looked familiar to me (the setting)was riddled with madness after the topple. Much like zombies, the people during the aftermath were incoherant, their skin pale from the dust, bruised and bloody. Things had gotten out of hand in both scenerios. The zombie epidemic in 'Dawn' spun out of control due to bleeding hearts, wanting to preserve and protect their dead loved ones who ultimately were lifeless killers. Again, there's so much symbolism protruding from films of the past that it's really uncanny. Again, we have a country and a world full of bleeding hearts, giving cold hearted monsters called Muslim Extremists a benefit of a doubt. The evident is right in front of our eyes folks, yet we still seem not to address the truth of the matter due to being politically correct. I'm absolutely sick of the media and certain television venues warning their anchor people to be sensitive to the Muslim community. Excuse the frence, but BULLSHIT! It's it's time to see what these people are - Zombies - Lifeless killing machines whose full goal is to inflict as much pain and sorrow on non-Islamic believers as they possibly can - To cause as much carnage and death as they can get away with. Much like the zombies in 'Dawn of the Dead', they had overun the living - by Romero's sequel 'Day of the Dead', the zombie population outweighed the humans 400,000 to 1. The same can be said for the Muslim community. No, I'm not saying someone committ genocide or simply kill off the Muslim population - I'm saying it's time to tune them out and shut them out. It's time to isolate them and send all Islamic believers back to their homelands where they truly ought to be. If they are firm believers in claiming stakes, why not go back to Pakistan or Iran and be with your brothers who obviously hate the country you live in anyway.
It's time to lay down sanctions, prohibit any trade with Iran or any middle eastern country who has ties with Al-Queada or Hamas. Cut off the funding for these groups by disallowing business conduction with companies that donate money to Hamas and oher terrorist organization. I've done a little research work and just realize that a signifigant number of our foreign middle eastern doctors here in the state 'could' be funneling money to charity cover-ups for terrorist organizations.

Dawn of the Dead - The best zombie film of all time

Here's a few links for you: - Wonderful horror film related sight. Very indepth reviews and information - For those of you who have an incling there's a conspiracy alive and well in the world today.

All for now

It's Tuesday...

It's a beautiful Tuesday here in South Eastern Kentucky. My black and tan dog had a gang of six puppies - We're assuming they're the offspring of our Chow/Sharpe' , but could very well be our Chow Chow's that's been missing for about three weeks.
Jeannie hasn't seen them yet, but I called her at work and let her in on the little secret. She was excited about coming home and seeing them.
I'm not quiet sure what we'll do this evening. We discussed going four-wheeling, but will probably stay in and watch movies. There's a couple options on the table - A comedy or horror film. I usually don't watch much in between and neither does Jeannie. She's a huge fan of the Hannibal Lector series, so, we may be watching either 'Silence of the Lambs' or 'Hannibal'.
I wasn't a huge fan of 'SOTL's until the past year, but find it one of the better horror films of the past twenty years. I actually saw it at the theater when I was eleven with my childhood buddy.
Jeannie had always been a big horror fan too - even before she married me. I think I've expanded her viewing choices quiet a bit, though. She likes films that she would have never been exposed to if not for me. I know this is nothing to brag about, but we have alot of fun picking at movies and their 'non-acting', or smoking a J while watching someone get their face cut off.

I was browsing the forums at and noticed a few new members. I hope they aren't trolls. We have alot of great discussions on the board and truly have alot of fun. There's about ten regular posters, alot of which are moderators or Administrators, but we usually manage to catch a new regular member every few weeks or so.

Oh yeah, I just won 'Hunter's Blood' on vhs on eBay. I've been searching for this long forgotten slasher flick for a long time, but was unsuccesful until recently. I also won a bid on a double feature dvd: 'Driller Killer'/'Drive-In Massacre'. I haven't seen DK in a very long time and decided on the spur of the moment to bid on it. There were other copies of DK on dvd that had a few special features, but I'm a sucker for those double feature dvd's.

'Class Reunion Masscare' has been postponed for release for quiet some time now. Code Red DVD supposedly has a full fledged special edition including interviews and other extras. I spoke with the owner of Code Red and he stated that they tried to get the star of the film, TG Finkbinder, to do an interview, but supposedly, he hung up on them at their request. I later emailed TG myself and he agreed to do it. I contacted Code Red again, told them of the news, but they declined the offer. Oh well. They had him.

I bought a five movie set called 'Blood Feast' that features a few rare films. The main reason I picked it up is because it had the long forgotten slasher film 'Memorial Valley Massacre' on one of the dvd's. It also has the Spanish sleazefest, 'Pieces' in it. I already had 'Pieces', but didn't have the other four. All the films were quiet good. 'Die Sister Die!' - I had seen this a long time ago, but wasn't into the whole foreign film thing at the time. I was skeptical, since afterall, it was a cheap Diamond release, plus, I only paid five bucks for it (a dollar a movie). The film turned out to be pretty good - a family of secrets and death plots. Kind of like a tamer version of Mario Bava's 'Twitch of the Death Nerve' - well, sorta. 'The Undertaker and His Pals' - I was simply amazed that I had never seen this late 60's release. This is more of a black comedy rather than horror, but it was well filmed, well acted and well constructed for a film of its caliber. 'It Happened at Nightmare Inn' -I was also surprised at this little early 70's slice of cult cinema. Two religious sisters own and inn where they take matters into their own hands and kill the sinners who reside there. Good atmosphere and a semi-disturbing premise. To broil it down, the set was well worth the five bucks I paid for it.

I've been giving you guys a few movie suggestions, so I'll list a few more, below:

**'The Gates of Hell** - **City of the Living Dead** Lucio Fulci delivers atmosphere by the truckload. A priest commits suicide and all hell breaks loose. We have a woman puking up her entire intestinal tract - A drill through non other than Giovanni Lombardo Radice's head. - A maggot storm, and most importantly, a cardboard Christopher Lee. I adore Chris, but the truth is the truth, he sucks at acting. 'Graduation Day' is probably the best testament to last statement. Anyway, if you're looking for a film that delivers gloom and doom all the way through, accompanied by a truly eerie guitar and organ score, check it out.

**Demons** Lamberto Bava delivers a slap dash Italian gorefest with a solid heavy metal soundtrack and solid directing. It's obvious Lamberto (son of Mario) took a few lessions from his father. The plot is simple, really. Someone cuts their face on a demonic mask and demons infiltrate a theater. From then on, it's a fight for survival. Great special effects and some fine cinematic atmosphere. One of my favorite Italian horror flicks. I'm also a huge fan of part 2.


Well, that's about it for now.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Trick or Treat:, smell my weapon

I just finished watching the mid 80's rock n roll horror film 'Trick or Treat'. This is certainly not one of the films on the shit side of cinema, but it's definitly not on the clean side either. This does, however, have a fun performance by Ozzy Osbourne and a quiet serious role from everyones favorite big tounged freak, Gene Simmons.
I'm not a huge fan of the movie, but I can't bring myself to knock it. Seeing Skippy in rock music attire is enough to push it across the line of below mediocrite, right into the pulpit of such.
In alot of ways, I can identify with 'Ragman'. (Although not to that degree) Let's just say like Ragman, that I was indeed the Metal kid in high school. I got introduced to rock at a very young age, as well as horror films. By whom? My parents. My Mother was actually pregnant with me when she saw KISS at Rupp Arena, in Lexington.
I smoked ciggarettes in high school, smoked dope, but never drank. My Mother always said that she was happier to have a pot head for a son than a drunk. I can sympathize. Anyway, I wasn't a loner like Ragman, but had a certain circle of friends that were looked upon as dredges. I wore my Danzig t-shirts and my Doc Martin boots, and played guitar with my buddies on week-ends. I was sometimes taunted by my choice of heavy metal tees by the preppie kids, but usually paid it no mind. I was kind of caught in the middle of the social circle that makes up high school society. I wasn't a full fledged 'hood' as people liked to refer to them as, but I wasn't actually a 'prep' either.
Anyway, Ragman symbolizes alot of kids throughout the generations. He's an early rendition of a school shooter or suicide victim. - destined for revenge towards the ones who made his circle of society an abolute living hell. Let's face it, school is a childs main line in development, it defines what a kid will or won't be. The actual stress and cruelty behind school doors has yet to be fully discussed. We blame Marilyn Manson or Slayer, but we're to ignorant to point out the real causes of such events, mainly, the parents, fellow students and the teachers who should be doing their part in making EVERY kid feel as if they belong. Teachers today are just about as ignorant and cruel as the kids. Most teachers in these times are kids themselves and alienate the 'less fortunates' just like his/her peers have done throught his/her life. I can attest. I had a teacher in the eighth grade who constantly harrassed me - He was the football and the basketball coach - He was the poor pitiful soul who could never let his blissful high school popularity die along with his hairline - The closet drunk whose life was miserable, so therefore, he had to make other's lives miserable, mainly, defensless kids who could absolutely do or say anything because of his authority. There were numerous days I dreaded going to school just because of that bastard teacher. On one occasion, a Father of one of the students this teacher disciplined (when a good paddling was still legal) burst through the school doors and held the teacher at gunpoint. It just so happened that the teacher accidently missed the childs butt and spanked him a little ways up his back - almost mid part, leaving bruises and large whelps. I loved every minute of it, watching that bastard squirm. These are the feelings disgruntled kids with they could act out themselves. Most just grit their teeth and try their best just to make it to graduation, but others, well, others take it to the highest level and kills the people who they feel wronged them.
Anyway, Trick or Treat is a quiet realistic view of how kids use music as a weapon against those who ridicule and taunt them. They throw all inhibitions out the window in that one moment when they will be avenged, sometimes selling their own soul to accomplish revenge, or simply taking matters into their own hands and blowing the shit out of someone.

Some movie suggestions...

It's a fact, most American's are movie lovers. I certainly am. I've been a big fan of cinema ever since I was a kid. Horror films are my main choice for viewing, especially slasher films of the 70's and 80's.
Of course, 'Halloween' actually became the mold for the slew of slasher films to follow, but 'Friday the 13th' actually kickstarted the slasher craze. The same can almost be said for zombie films. Of course, George Romero's 'Night of the Living Dead' is the 'big man' on campus when it comes to zombie flicks, but 'Dawn of the Dead' quickly became the new covenant in reguards to zombie flicks. Much like 'Friday the 13th' rode the coat tails of 'John Carpenter's 'Halloween', Lucio Fulci, (Italian gore guru, often times referred to as 'The Godfather of Gore')rode the coat tails of 'Dawn of the Dead' and kickstarted an exploitation craze that was short-lived, but profound in its staying power.
Some of the best viewing experiences can be had from an Italian horror film. Below, not only am I going to list various horror titles that didn't seem to have staying power over the years (both American and Italian). These are films that are good films, but simply forgotten.

**The Burning** A summer camp prank goes awry when Cropsy, a mean spirited caretaker is viciously burned and disfigured. He spends some time in the hospital and finally gets out around five years later, deciding to kill a prostitute and ultimately go back to Camp Blackfoot where the little burning escapade took place. Tom Savini delivers heavily on the special effects. If you can find the uncut version, grab it! You'll be able to see some of the scenes in their bloody uncut form. Simply one of the best 'Friday the 13th' clones ever produced.

**Class Reunion Massacre** aka **The Redeemer: Son of Satan!** A deranged preacher sets out for revenge against five people by staging a false class reunion. Supposedly, they're bad people - A lawyer, an actor, a rich bitch who likes to kill doves for sport, a slothful glutton who likes hamburgers and oysters a little too much, a seemingly innocent lady who has incidently been divorced a few times and....drum roll please.... A LESBIAN! I'm going to just spit it out. This is one of my favorite films of all time. The atmosphere is great - gloomy and dark all the way through with some great acting for a film of its caliber. Commendations have to go to TG Finkbinder, our masked maniac who uses many disguises to off our victims one by one. This guy chews up the scenery. He has this John F Kennedy accent that really adds an err of 'something different' to the film as a whole. He spits his dialogue out with ease. This one also has a little weird backstory going on. I'll not get involved, but it involves a kid with three thumbs rising from a quarry, passing along his third thumb to our ballistic preacher. If you like your cheese piled high, with a taste of means spirited goodness, you'll love this movie. If you can get past some of the other tripe that's delivered to us today, you'll be able to forgive a few of the plotholes that don't do much to throw the story off anyway. I actually did an interview with our killer preacher sometime ago - He's now a teacher in Maryland at Walter Johnson High School where most of his students get a kick out of his little snit behind the camera.

**Final Exam** A cookie cutter slasher film that has a big man in an army jacket killing off the students at Lanier College. Alot of people find that little happens aside from our first murders - Two co-eds in a convertable parked a little ways off-campus getting stabbed to death by the aforemention maskless maniac. We roll ahead to the next day where three students are discussing the murders.(Scream, anyone?) Radish, an obvious closet homosexual seems to have an akin for mass murderers and serial killers and seems to have gotten off on the fact that two students were knifed to death so close by. Courtney, she's our plain Jane virgin who seems a little jealous of her bodacious blond of a friend and her ability to get what she wants with her looks. There's also Wildman, Mark and a poor old fraternity pledge who gets treated like shit. Oh yeah, we also have Sherry Willis-Birch (Killer Party) playing an innocent minded college kid who's in love with the aforementioned college pledge. What we get is alot of talking and college hijinks ala 'Animal House' - only much more tame. To me, this is what adds to the believability to the film. I think that was what Jimmy Houston, (the director) was going for. I think he just wanted to deliver a believable film, having a human being, not a masked immortal creature, carve away at young college kids. We get to know these people. We learn soon that a few of them are assholes, but certainly not worthy of their horrible deaths. While at times, this feels much like a made for television movie, it delivers decently on a dark and gloomy atmosphere with a 'Halloweenesque' score for extra padding. Talky and a bit tame, with hardly any bloodshed, but worth the watch if you're a slasher completist like me. One of my favorites.


I know it's a short list with probably a little too much info, but I just can't help myself. I'm a madman. A madman!


Actually, I'm getting ready to take a break and in the interim, smoke some illegal substance and watch a horror film from my collection along with my wife. It looks rainy out. We had a really bad storm here around 2AM last night (Sunday). We also had some heavy winds and hail about a week ago that did some damage to my vehicle. I only have liability on this particular ride, so there's no getting it fixed without money coming from my pocket. I guess I'll just have to drive it around as is until I pull four or five hundred bucks from my ass.


I've been planning on visiting my cousin Brian. His Mother died a few weeks back and he and his family have had a rough time. She was a long victim of Colorectal Cancer and finally lost the battle. She was a very healthy women at one time, but on her death bed I could have lifted her from the bed with my one hand. It actually bothered me WAY more than I thought it would. I tried to talk my wife into staying with me at my Mother's that night, but I guess she had better things to do than console her husband and be with he and his family. Oh well, you can't have everything you want in a woman, but is asking for just one woman with a heart too much to ask? They're usually born with one, right?


I'll be adding some more general ramblings as time goes on, boring my one vistor with conscious laiden writings and idiotic meanderings, but geez, we see this on the news everyday. More movie info, more life experiences and plain old bullshit on the way.

Here's a few links for you to look at while you're anticipating my next post. - Simply THE BEST slasher related site on the web. Smart witty reviews of cheesy slasher films from the bare beginnings, the hey-day of the modern slasher film and its post decline. Anything and everything slasher related.

http://www, - EVERYTHING you wanted to know about the original and its sequels. - The ruins of a lazy webmaster, but the forums still remain. A great place to discuss slasher films and horror films in gneral. BTW, Joseph is a dick.


That's about it for now.