Saturday, May 27, 2006


I suppose all the masses out there would like to know a little more about me. Too bad. All I can say is that I'm a sometimes happily married man who thinks the world is governed by an elect few, who, behind the scenes, dictate world events with a numerical basis, to eventually spring forth a one world religion, alongside a World Wide Totalitarian Government. In other words, the NWO. No, Hulk Hogan and Scott Hall won't be riding horses of death throughout the land, claiming life by sword and shoe polish beards - They'll be no Jim Ross in the background saying "It's the Antichrist! It's the Antichrist! It's the Antichrist!", repeatedly just before the show ends.
It's more real than that folks. I sometimes feel as if it's my duty to share as much as my knowled of how things really work as I possibly can. I'm not a humanitarian by any means, but I do care (maybe even unconsciously) for my fellow man, so, why not at least try and warn them of the upcoming events even tho they call us mad screaming lunatics who haven't came off a good pot buzz. It's ok, because for the twenty who think we're crazy, they'll be two or three that actually want to learn more, and realize for themselves that everything isn't just one big coincidence -
Ever heard of The Freemasons? I'm sure after watching National Treasure a hundred times that you realize that this is actually a true group. A very old group. Anyone can learn more about Freemasonry, but to actually be a Freemason is another story. Just what is Freemasonry? I'm not even going to try and explain, because I'd be here all night - I'm saving all my knowledge for a book btw, so, I have an excuse.
I'm sure if you're familiar with the Govenator or George W Bush, you'll know they were members of groups, one being called Bohemian Grove in which Arnie was a member, and the other is Skull and Bones - George W's old Frat club, as well as his Fathers. These groups go further than just college years and offbeat shennigens. These groups consist of a powerful bunch of people. Not just anyone can get into these groups and almost all of them are Freemasons.
Anyway, I'm stopping right here, hopefully, to tease you a little, so you, yourself, will do some research on the subject and find out the truth about The United States, Washingtons love for the Egyptian Obelisk, and the all seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill.

Do a goggle on some of these terms:

Washington Egypt Mystery Religions
Illuminati 9 11
Illuminati Antichrist
Ufo's Antichrist Illuminati Jesus

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Prowler

I just picked this dvd up at Sam Goody this evening on a monthly shopping binge. I had seen it before, but I'm trying to up my dvd collection, so I thought I'd pick it up - even at the slightly high price of sixteen bucks.
Anyway, Joseph Zito (Director/Friday the 13th 4) does something different. Instead of your summer camp slayings, we get a My Bloody Valentine-esque venture, reguarding a party being held thirty some odd years after a double murder in 1945.
As I mentioned, a great double impalement by pitchfork, (by the hands of nonother than Tom Savini) follows a Dear John letter from a woman named Rosemary to her boyfriend who was across seas in WWII. It seems as if she just can't wait for him any longer, but still worries about him. I guess boyfriend has a hard time facing rejection.
We go down the road about thirty years where a small town is planning a dance. I 'm not sure what the dance was for (as I was distracted by my wife in a bathing suit at some points during the film), but it kind of reminded me of its distant cousin My Bloody Valentine.
To make a long story short, it seems as if the killer is either back, or someone just likes going around slicing and dicing the locals out of boredom.
We get some great special F/x from the maestro Tom Savini. The dvd has a few cool extras - a cool commentary and some behind the scenes footage filmed by Savini himself.
This is probably one of the most brutal slasher attempts I've seen in a long time. I imagine that this is the uncut version, as the camera lingers for long periods of time as the killers sharp instruments gourges and probes ita victims. Some scenes are quiet disturbing. If you like My Bloody Valentine, you any slasher film fan should find themselves enjoying the hell out of this one. Good acting. Great score. Even Great special f/x. Great kill and chase scenes. One good slasher flick I must say.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wouldn't You Know It

Every once in while, I like to sift through all the blood and guts and try and grasp hope through all the swishy stuff. But sadly, I find very little hope. Being 'political' is something I don't claim to be. In fact, hardly anyone knows of my love for politics, or better yet, what makes it all work. I don't guess it's as much me being in love with politics in general, but the mystique behind the people who make up our worldy political arena.
I got to thinking, since my url is called Antichrist Follies, why not post something in reguards to 'the' antichrist, if a bit loosely.
I'm sure that if you're reading this, you've either seen The Omen, or have at least heard of it. Of course, it's about a little boy named Damien, who incidently has the numbers 666 (the Biblical mark of the beast) imbedded into his scalp. Needless to say, the evil looking English-boy had quiet a few powers that silently enabled him to do away with certain people. As the sequels went on, it depicted Damien growing up, later going to military school where he learns his role and accepts it. It's all just a movie, sure, but ever who wrote the film (maybe a book first, I'm not sure) had some Biblical background floating around.
Stepping aside from the film, let's talk of the potential for a real antichrist. We can imagine what 'the antichrist' will look like. Some of us think of Adolf Hitler when we hear the word antichrist. Other's ironically think of a man of peace, embracing the whole world. Symbolically, this much could be true, but identifying the antichrist isn't something that can be done until it's too late.
I've heard many idiots stating that George Bush is the antichrist. These people have obviously never even heard of Revelations - (There's no way I can quote the Bible word for word, so I'm not even going to try) It states something to the effect that this antichrist will come as a man of peace, and that the whole world will wonder after him. This pretty much rules George W out. Over half the world despises GWB, most of them right in his own country.
This man is also going to have great charisma. In the book of Isaiah, it refers to the antichrist as being stouter (stronger) than the normal man. This also knock Bush out of the water, along with half the people everyone consider to be the antichrist. Now, what we have is a very well built, big-muscular man, with great charisma - Probably a very handsome man. Remember folks, the antichrist is the devil in the flesh. He's not going to pick a body of an old ugly, decrepid man. Many think the antichrist is the pope, and that the Catholic Church is 'the beast' - To a certain extent, this is true, because religion is going to play a major part in the transformation to a one world government that's right around the corner. Afterall, Catholosism does mean Unity. If anything, the Pope 'could' be the False witness referred to in Revelations.
Now, before I go any further, and I delve into some potential prospects for the antichrist, let me shed some light on the goal of the antichrist and what he hopes to accomplish. First of all, the antichrist wants complete control over the world and its assetts. He wants complete control over all monetary transactions. He wants a one world currceny (probably with his face on it) in which all the world money will flow through one big world bank. He wants control over what you eat, the drugs/medicines you put into your body - So, where does the mark of the beast come into play? It's already here. I'ts a tracking device imbedded under the skin of cattle to monitor them. It's only a matter of years before this starts happeing to humans. Well, they just want to do this to keep track of terrorists! That's conspiracy bullshit! First, yeah, it will probably be brought about after some major catastrophe in the name of the aforementioned event. It's going to seem harmless, and after the world is shocked and dazed, just like cattle (how ironic), we'll accept it willingly and out of panic. Sounds bad, but could be worse, right? Well, yeah, but it gets worse. Worse. Much worse. Probably a Global economic collapse which will kill millions by famine.
The man behind the upheavel in the first place will be the man who steps up and suddenly has the answers to everything. He's going to have the ability to simultaneously speak more than one language. He's going to have such a presence, that the Bible says that "He'll fool even the very elect" - Which means die hard Christian believers will be duped by his lying powers and the forces that guide him. The chip will be implanted under man, woman and child alike. The chip will be placed in the right hand, or forehead and is pretty much like being scanned at the grocery scanner you see at Wal-Mart. Instead of getting a paycheck when you work, all your money will be placed in the form of digits, just like a credit card under the skin. The only way to not die is to accept this chip/mark, because there's no paper money anymore. There's no possible way to legally buy anything unless you use the devils currecny, which is ultimately the chip under your skin.
To shorten this post a bit, I'll rev about who some potential prospects for the antichrist could be in my next post.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Frank Dietz Interview

Frank Deitz

Some of you horror film fans, especially fans of 'Rock n Roll' horror, may know him as the good guy cop, alongside Adam West in Zombie Nightmare. Other's may remember him as a punk from Rock n Roll Nightmare, or another heavy metal laiden horror film, Black Roses. He's also quiet the artist, and to my knowledge, has written a few screenplays. Be looking for this interview to be posted on a website, soon. Not necessarily this one, but I'll let you know.

Night of the Living Ripoff

Once in a while one finds a rare treat that's always been there, but evidently covered by the mud and muck of other bigger named movies that's traveled further ahead.
Revenge of the Living Zombies isn't a masterpiece by any means. One could even call it a rip-off of George A Romero's 1968 masterpiece, Night of the Living Dead - or - One could simply call it an homage. I guess it depends whether one likes the movie or not.
Besides having one of the most recognizable faces from Night of the Living Dead, (making his return in what seems to be the same make-up and attire) reprising his role as a pale faced ghoul, Bill Hinzman, also known as the Cemetary Zombie, directs, writes, and stars in this little NOTLD ripoff/homage.
Instead of some unknown force causing the dead to return to life and attack the living, we actually get a clue as to how this supposed zombie outbreak comes about. It deals with a semi-satanic theme, which beholds our favorite zombie, Bill Hinzman, buried beneath a stump, with a tombstone with some satanic gibbersih written on it. There just so happens to be a stump that a local farmer needs to remove. The grave is directly underneath the stump, which brings the farmer to dust off the stone and eventually uncover the grave. Satanic Zombie Man doesn't look all that bad. He's still able enough to jump up, grab the man, and resume munching on his bodyparts. Of course, this starts the zombie outbreak that leads to our little zombiethon.
It just so happens that a group of the ugliest college coeds I've ever seen are taking a hayride through the woods. You can pretty much guess what happens from this point on. At times, I didn't know if I was watching an unofficial remake of Night of the Living Dead, or if Hinzman got the big head and thought he could outdo Romero with virtually the same style. It's hard to really know what was going through his mind.
The acting is bad at times. The actors and actresses have the worst accent I've ever heard. It's a mix between Virginian and Southern Pennsylvanian, crossed with a little bit of Kentuckiana. I'll have to say that there are some genuinely good scenes in the movie. One being when a little girl (Hinzman's real life daughter) is dressed up as an angel for Halloween. The doorbell rings...guess who? It's Satanic Zombie Man. He quickly picks little girl up and pretty much devours her. (offscreen, of course)
There's more tits and ass in this little venture than Fulci's Zombie. I still say that the only reason Hinzman decided to make this film was to have an excuse to grope as many naked homely Pennsylvanian women as he could possibly get away with, without a lawsuit.
The ending. What can I say. Imagine Night of the Living Dead, except with two surviving characters. We have the local redneck posse, fronted by nonother than Vince Stryvinski. (The guy who shot Ben in the original NOTLD). We even have an old farmhouse where the coeds hole up in search of shelter from the zombies.
The score is spot on. A piano-esque score, adding a hint of depression and darkness to the atmosphere - Transforming it a notch above pure cheese, to something a 'little creepy'. There's also a few good gore shots. One being Satanic Zombie Man ramming his hand in a womans bare stomach and pulling out her liver. Not bad. Not bad.
What can I say in finality in reguards to Revenge of the Living Zombies? For the zombie fan, you simply can't miss. I know of loads of die hard zombie fans who have longed to see this, but can't find a copy. It was also released as Zombie Nosh and Flesheater. All in all, not a bad time waster, especially for the zombie film fan.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Wake Up Calls

When is too far, too far? Just when does a company cross the line with immoralic behavior and sheer brutality ?- Rape/Revenge (I Spit On Your Grave) - Power Trips (Last House on the Left/Devil's Rejects) - Gut Munching (Dawn/Day of the Dead) - Cannabilistic depravity (TCM)

So many people think horror films represent the bottom of the barrel. The people who watch horror films are associated with low IQ's and bad taste, when in all actuality, most horror fans I've met are extremely smart, hold down good paying jobs, and consider horror films nothing more than watching a play on celluloid. Put an incestuous, murderous, depraved family on camera, and its considered a 'nasty', put it on the stage and it's considered Hamlet. I think most of the nay statements that come forth in reguards of the slasher/horror film come from a hippocritical mass - People who are afraid to face the facts that horror movies tell it like it is. Death isn't pretty, or death isn't funny (unless the writer/director wants it to be) - For example, look at Lucio Fulci's Italian sleazefest, The New York Ripper - Totally depraved. Totally raunchy. Totally lacking remorse. Dishing out brutality, bondage, pornography, and drug use, wrapped up in a dirty cop suit and perverted doctors and prostitutes. This film pretty much filters every taboo known to man through our television sets. It deals with a rampid, but true theme. New York, in my opinion, was portrayed perfectly. Look at the murder rate, the rape rate, and the prostitution and drug use statistics. People who shy away from films like these and call them mysgyonic are right, to a certain extent, but it represents the sad and macabre truth that some people in the world get their kicks in some of the most devious ways.
Last House on the Left is a film that will certainly leave a lasting impression on you. Here's another film that has been shunned by the masses, except for the elect few who consider this a cult classic. We really don't enjoy what we're seeing - Two girls getting tortured and raped by a bunch of escaped convicts - Forced to urinate on themselves and to make out with eachother at gun and knife point - The sensless stabbing and shooting death of two seemingly innocent young girls who just wanted a joint. Again, we have a sad but true cinematic affair going on. It's not fancy, what we see - It's rude and it's crude, but it's true. Things like this happen every single day in the world, some to an even greater degree. Wes Craven meant to shock us and that's pretty much what he did. Sometimes we need a wake up call, and there's nothing that can grab your attention more than an all out, symbolic Agression film. Sometimes we need to realize that all the philanthropist bullshit saying how the world is such a great place is bullshit. Don't be fooled. We're going to hell in a handbasket, fast.

Zombie Nightmare

"Maybe he had a good batting average, Frank" - This said by police chief to young cop after someone is found impaled by a baseball bat.

Zombie Nightmare is one of those films that one loves to sit up late and pick at on some drunken Saturday night. Tony is a huge guy. He's a muscle bound Samson type guy with long straight hair, dressed in his joggers and cut off tee-shirt. He forgets to pick up his mother's groceries. She soon sends him back to the store with that 'look at my son. He's the man' look in her eyes. A proud mama indeed. She has every reason to be proud. He can hit a softball with the best of 'em.

Anyway, it seems as if going back to the store would soon turn into quiet an eventful evening. Tony breaks up a robbery by single handedly busting up two would be robbers from taking the old mans money. As if this wasn't enough, upon leaving the store premises, he's ran over by a bunch of drugged and drunk teenagers, hellbent on disaster. The teenage crew, led by a mullet wearing pussy named Jimbo, rev the engine, leaving poor old Tony's mangled body lying on the damp cold pavement. For some odd reason, instead of calling the ambulance, or the police, the store-owner and a couple friends bring Tony back to his mother's house, carrying him in a blanket. The mother freaks out, as usual, deriving those desperate intentions that were once just fairy tale.
It's not long before we figure out Mom has a plan. There just so happens to be a voo doo priestess who lives nearby, who seems to be a friend of the families. She's brought to where Tony's body lies and requests that one of the group go to the butchers shop and bring back blood from a live animal. Mmmmm, things are starting to get interesting.
Zombie Nightmare shoots itself in the foot on purpose, blatently doing the bunny hop all the way till the end. Usually, self inflicted wounds are not a good thing, but, for Zombie Nightmare, a shot in the toe is just what it needed.
Molly Mokembe (played marvelously AND hilariously by Mansuka) places our fallen Tony in a makeshift casket, candles all around, spouting out some voo doo claptrap while decked out in here papa shango attire. We soon learn that Molly can indeed bring Tony back for awhile, but only long enough for him to be able to avenge his death by hunting down the people who caused it.
What we get is a hulked out zombie in a sweat suit, carrying around a baseball bat. This hulking dead man seemingly walks around this small town, without anyone seeing him, bashing people with his baseball bat. Evidently, this zombie is a vegan, 'cause he doesn't eat nary a limb through the whole movie. Shouldn't there be at least a little gore with a premise like this? A slasher/zombie epic such as this? Yeah, right. Anyway, the highlights of the film involve Adam West (Yes, Batman) non-shalantly passing off these 'gruesome' deaths as apparent suicides, caused by marijuana and rock music. Of course, the rookie cop digs a little deeper, finds a few hidden secrets, and it's ultimately a 'twist' of good versus evil, with an extra person to fill in the holes. CHEESE. CHEESE. CHEESE.
I gotta mention Mansuka's performance again. Let me put it this'll never forget it as long as you live. Jimbo, the long haired rapist punk of the group is one of the most annoying, but strangely likeable characters I've ever seen.
Watch it simply because it is what it is....a cheese fest meant to entertain you a little. It's not scary. It's not atmospheric, although the 80's metal tunes do up the ante a little. John Mikel Thor does do as decent job as Tony, but he had better stick to his singing.

Monday, May 22, 2006


It's been about a week since I last posted (and I'm sunburned and agitated) so, for my one fan, I'm gonna remain loyal and true - afterall, my fan is legion.

I've mentioned before that I'm a huge fan of slasher films, but I also like it's Italian cousin, the Giallo. I've really not paid much attention to our American cousin, therefore, I've almost talked myself into making a pact with yours truly - a mutual will towards self admiration - I'm going to go on a gialli binge. I'm going to buy oddball Giallos, along with the classics I already know about and seen already. Out of the giallo's I've seen, New York Ripper (Lucio Fulci) is probably my favorite. It's dirty, sleazy, and full of melted Italian cheese. Alot of people throw off on this film and call it an 'incoherant mess', but I have to disagree. It's simply a Father's revenge story. (Albeit with some perverted twists)

Anyway, there's dozens of giallos waiting on me to either rediscover them - or - view them for the first time. As I view, I'll throw up some watered down reviews (which could be much much better if I were to take my time, but you'll take what you get and like it).

I'm going to throw up a review to another movie sometime today. I don't know what movie just yet. This probably won't be a giallo, but....